China has developed and launched a variety of military and dual-use satellites for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) purposes. In recent years, Chinese military planners increasingly view space as a critical dimension in forming an integrated C4ISR network that can serve as “force multipliers” for the PLA. At the same time, the PLA is also seeking the capability to paralyze an adversary by debilitating its C4ISR assets in space.

  • Imagery Intelligence
    • FSW
    • Ziyuan 2
    • Yaogan 1
    • Yaogan 2
    • CHEOS / Gaofen
    • Kuaizhou
  • Ocean Monitoring
  • Mapping and Survey
    • Ziyuan 3
    • Tianhui

Imagery Intelligence

In 1975, five years after the launch of its first artificial Earth satellite, China successfully launched the first FSW (Fanhui Shi Weixing, or Recoverable Satellite in its English translation), a recoverable satellite designed to support both military and civilian Earth observation needs.